Laying down the law to lighten your load


Thorne Segar Law No. 1

Keep legal jargon to the minimum. Speak to clients in plain, clear English.


Thorne Segar Law No. 2

Speak to clients full stop. Communicate and keep them abreast of important developments.


Thorne Segar Law No. 3

By their very nature legal processes can be lengthy. Don’t let it be you who holds things up.


Thorne Segar Law No. 4

Trust is not a given. It’s something to be earned and built upon.


Thorne Segar Law No. 5

Only by taking time to get to know your client can you best serve their interests.


Thorne Segar Law No. 6

Some people find the legal process stressful and intimidating. Hold their hands.


Thorne Segar Law No. 7

Implement the intricacies of the law to the best of your ability. Common sense never goes amiss.


Thorne Segar Law No. 8

Be creative, be smart. Think outside the box, but within the law.


Thorne Segar Law No. 9

Never forget you are a representative of the world’s most respected legal system.


Thorne Segar Law No. 10

If you’re not passionate about fighting for people’s legal rights you shouldn’t be working for us.



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Directors: Iestyn Milton-Jenkins and Rebecca Padgett