Power of Attorney

We all like to feel in control of our lives. But none of us are immune from suffering a stroke, dementia, accident or illnesses, which might mean that you cannot deal with your own affairs. Any of these conditions can occur at any stage of our life, not just when we are getting on in years.

If you make a Power of Attorney, it allows you to nominate your most trusted family members or friends to handle your affairs and make important decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so.

Depending on the type of power you make they can access your bank account, look after your tax affairs, pay bills, claim benefits due to you. And if necessary release assets to ensure your ongoing care.

You can also choose to allow them to make decisions about life sustaining treatment, your changing medical and care needs and your daily routine.

To keep things simple we operate our Powers of Attorney service on a fixed fee basis. We also understand the thought of losing the ability to deal with your own affairs can be daunting, and offer our expertise with the greatest sensitivity. We can also act for attorneys and help relieve the burden of administration.

Ensure peace of mind for the future and let Iestyn Milton-Jenkins do the worrying.


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  • Preparation of health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Preparation of property & financial affairs Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Applications to Court of Protection for Deputyship Orders
  • Advice and assistance service for Attorneys and Deputies
  • Administration under Powers of Attorney
  • Advice regarding capacity
  • We can act as professional attorneys if required
  • Lasting Power of Attorney/Enduring Power of Attorney checking service  
  • Home and hospital visits by arrangement



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CALL: 01643 703234