Care Home Contract & Fees Advice

Deciding on the residential care you will require can profoundly effect the quality of the later years of your life. It goes without saying finances are a major consideration.

Do you have adequate savings? How much money should you set aside? Should you sell your home to cover the costs?

Paying for care in a private residential home adds up to tens of thousands of pounds year on year.

Before you enter into any agreement it is important you fully understand the financial implications and levels of care you are signing up to.

We can give you expert and specific advice on the effect and implications of Agreements, allowing you to make an informed decision about your care.

Thorne Segar’s highly experienced lawyers will:

  • Discuss your financial position and preferred care requirement
  • Consider your chosen care home Agreement in detail
  • Advise on the effect and implications – in plain English
  • Provide an independent evaluation so you can make an objective decision


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Dependent upon the Agreement – typically £300 – £450+VAT

Our private client lawyers understand the need for clear legal advice delivered in a friendly but professional manner:

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What will the care cost?

We will look at the contract with you – often there will be a ‘headline’ figure for the care costs, but you will need to be aware of any additional fees which the home will charge (for example for any additional services). We will make sure that you have as accurate an idea of the expenditure which will be incurred as possible before you commit yourself.

What happens if we cannot pay?

We will discuss with you the circumstances under which the Local Authority will provide care, and what the nature and extent of the care is. Where the contract specifies what happens if you are no longer able to pay, we will discuss this with you so that you are fully aware of the potential consequences before you enter into the contract.

What does the agreement provide in terms of care?

Each care home will have its own terms and conditions, and much will also depend on how much you are paying. We will take time looking at the provisions of the contract with you so that you can make an informed judgement as to whether the level of care is suitable for your needs.

What happens if we are not happy with the level of care?

We can discuss with you your options in terms of complaints to the home and/or to the regulator; and help you to draft any such complaints.


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Care Home fees can potentially run to many thousands of pounds over the years – it is critical that all those considering entering into such agreements should understand the implications of such a major commitment.