LPA – Lasting Power of Attorney and Professional Attorney

Accident, stroke or illness can strike at any time. Setting up Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to nominate a trusted person to handle your affairs should you become unable to do so.

The Attorney named in the LPA can handle financial affairs and make decisions on your behalf if you suffer illness or accident. There is a great peace of mind to be found in knowing your affairs will be taken care of when life takes an unexpected turn.

There are two types of LPA: Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs and Lasting Powers of Attorney for Health and Welfare. Both need to be registered before you suffer incapacity therefore the LPA needs to be set up in advance.

If someone has lost capacity we can help you apply for a Court of Protection Deputyship which if granted, would allow you to handle the affairs of the incapacitated.

There are two Lasting Powers of Attorney – LPA:

Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs appoints Attorney(s) to handle only your financial affairs if you become unable. The powers are only used if and when necessary.

Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare allows Attorney(s) to make decisions on your behalf about medical treatment and care.

You can have either, or more commonly, both Powers of Attorney in place.
Careful consideration needs to be given to creating Powers of Attorney – Thorne Segar’s Iestyn Milton Jenkins has over 20 year’s experience of sensitive private client work and can help you understand and implement LPA’s.

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Single Lasting Powers of Attorney £495+VAT

Both Lasting Powers of Attorney £690+VAT

Couples: Single Lasting Powers of Attorney £690+VAT

Couples: Both Lasting Powers of Attorney £895+VAT

Deputyship, typically £1,500+VAT


Professional Attorney

If you do not have anyone you would like to appoint as an Attorney in your LPA we can be your Attorneys for Property and Financial Affairs.

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Home visits can be arranged in the Minehead & West Somerset area at no extra charge so you can discuss your affairs in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


100% Satisfaction or you don’t pay a penny!

Thorne Segar are LPA specialists with decades of experience and thousands of satisfied LPA clients.

We are so confident that we can provide you with professional help, advice and handle every aspect of making your LPA for you, that, if you are dissatisfied with our LPA service in any way we will not charge you a single penny!


Why do I need an LPA?

Think of it as being like an insurance policy – you hope you never need to use it, but it’s there in the event that you do. Having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place means that YOU choose who acts for you if you ever lose capacity, and means that usually they can do so without having to stop whilst the court makes a decision.

We’re married, and our house and all our Bank accounts are in joint names- I assume we don’t need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

If you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself, then usually a Bank has to freeze a joint account (at the very least until it can investigate). Having a Lasting Power of Attorney in which someone other than you as a spouse appointed can make dealing with this much easier. Also, don’t forget that without a Lasting Power of Attorney, there is no automatic right for a spouse to speak to and deal with, for example, utility providers (if bills are in the name of the person who has lost capacity) or the other spouse’s pension providers / DWP etc.

My elderly relative wants me to help them with their affairs, but has no LPA?

If they are still able to make decisions for themselves, then they can make a Lasting Power of Attorney which can then appoint you (if that’s what they want).

If they have already lost capacity you will need to consider applying to The Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order. See further information here.

I’m young – surely I don’t I need an LPA?

You should always create a Lasting Power of Attorney not when you think you need it, but when you don’t! Sadly, things can happen regardless of age – for example accidents, strokes or illness. Think of it as insurance which will allow someone to help you if you can’t.

If I create a Lasting Power of Attorney, do I lose the right to deal with my own affairs?

Absolutely not! The law makes clear that whilst you can make decisions, you make them! Even if you want help, again the law makes clear that the person helping you (your ‘attorney’) has to help you make as many of your own decisions as possible.

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At Thorne Segar we pride ourselves upon providing professional advice in a friendly manner. We take pride in our work, and interest in our clients. We take great care in discussing all options with you, to make sure that whatever you decide upon, you are completely comfortable and fully understand the nature of the documents.

It’s important to have Lasting Powers of Attorney in place before you need them – or you could be left in position where, if capacity is lost, no one is dealing with your affairs.


Jo W
Jo W
My parents can’t recommend this firm enough. Each dealing they had with them from their property purchase and sale, to assistance with Will writing and setting up power of attorney, all the staff they have dealt with have have been really approachable, knowledgable and helpful, answering all their questions and guiding them through the process with ease.
David Simpson
David Simpson
Liam Wolley dealt with the sale of my stepmother’s property in 2021/2022 efficiently and with great care and sensitivity. In 2023, Rebecca Padgett dealt with obtaining probate for my stepmother's will. Again, this was dealt with efficiently and with sensitivity. I would very happily recommend Thorne Segar.
Jill Coppin
Jill Coppin
We had a difficult Intestacy when my Father died and his will was not valid. Rebecca dealt compassionately, patiently and professionally with what could have been a very acrimonious affair. From our first meeting with Rebecca we had total confidence that she could and would deal with this situation. At every step of the way she kept us fully updated and all parties were kept aware of all of the possibilities that may or may not occur. We had total faith in her throughout. Her advice was invaluable and at no time did she give us cause to doubt her. A situation that shocked us was made so much easier by Rebecca's total Professionalism. When we were finally able to sell my Father's flat there was absolutely no doubt in our mind that Thorne Segar could deal with this too - and they did in the same first class manner. Its a great pity that we can't give Thorne Segar more than five stars.
James Waterman
James Waterman
Our recent property sale was dealt with very efficiently by Liam. Nothing phased him and we felt reassured by his calm approach to every issue posed by the purchaser’s solicitor. We have had several matters handled by Liam and the rest of the team at Thorne Segar and our experiences have all been positive. In all legal matters they are our ‘go to’ provider.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith
Earlier this year we consulted Thorne Seagar in Minehead about preparing Wills for myself and my wife. We had an interview with Iestyn who we found very helpful and knowledgeble about Wills. We were very impressed with how they advised us on what can be a very tricky subject to deal with. We now have our Wills and peace of mind it is all sorted. We would certainly recommend and use this Solicitor again.
Georgia Bacon
Georgia Bacon
House Sale: I was apprehensive about using a solicitor for the first time, but found everyone I met or spoke to at Thorne Segar was approachable and helpful, ready to translate anything technical or tricky into terms I could understand, and help me appreciate the implication of anything I was asked about or asked to do. A good experience, thank you Liam and the team.
Ian Bailey
Ian Bailey
Friendly professional service highly recommended solicitors
Margaret Keddie
Margaret Keddie
Very impressed with anyone at Thorne Segar, we moved from Lancashire to Minehead, they always kept us informed any problems were dealt with efficiently, they took a lot of stress out of the move.
Marg jeffries
Marg jeffries
Very friendly staff and efficient. Liam Wolley kept us informed when purchasing our new place. Very happy with service received
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan
Excellent -efficient service all return calls as promised kept updated on all aspects of buying and selling property. recommended


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