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Residential Conveyancing

Buying and selling properties can be lengthy and frustrating. It’s all too easy to feel left out in the dark.

At Thorne Segar we understand the importance of keeping you in the loop. We think you should be kept informed of any new developments. Accordingly we’ll give you frequent progress reports.

Our conveyancing department will:

  • Guide you through the process of buying or selling
  • Correspond with all the involved parties on your behalf
  • Carry out local authority and utility searches
  • Rigorously investigate the title to the properties
  • Advise of any additional costs
  • Handle payment between parties, mortgage company etc
  • Register your ownership with the Land Registry

As active Conveyancing Solicitors in Minehead for over 125 years we have an intimate knowledge of the unique complexities of the property market in our area. We also hold the Law’s Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme Award.

We have extensive experience of issues arising from conservation and grade listing, shared access and rights of way and environmental problems including flooding.

Whether you’re buying and/or selling or remortgaging we’re committed to providing the highest standards of service.


Residential Conveyancing fees typically range from £725 – £825 +VAT
Fees are quoted in advance and are fixed – with no hidden extras

See detailed price list below

Call or email now for a free no obligation quote:

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Why do I need a lawyer to do my conveyancing?

You could do your own conveyancing however most mortgage companies will insist that a lawyer does it for you as it is a high risk transaction. Similarly if you fail to spot something such as a boundary issue, it could result in a costly and lengthy dispute, or even impact on the resale value of your property.

How long will it take?

Most Residential Conveyancing is completed within 8 to 12 weeks. The actual timescale will depend on all the other involved parties: Solicitors, Vendor, Purchaser, others in the chain etc. We aim to keep the process moving on your behalf.

Why do I need to do searches?

Searches are necessary to establish a clear picture of what you are buying and any factors that might affect the property. Are there plans for a new road or building development near by? Is the property at risk of flooding? Are there financial liabilities attached to previous occupants?
These checks have to be performed because the situation can change over time or since the property was last sold.


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Buying a house is usually the largest financial commitment anyone makes.

You don’t buy a bunch of bananas without checking them first – don’t skimp on the

legal protection that quality conveyancing provides.

Conveyancing Price List 2020

Fixed Fees (ex VAT)

Fixed Fees (ex VAT)Sale £sPurchase £sRe-mortgage £sTransfer of Ownership £s
Up to 299,999725775675500
300,000 – 499,999795825675500
500,000 – 999,999875925675500
£1,000,000 +10001100675500
First Time Buyer (Up to £299,999)-695--

Extra Charges (ex VAT)

Leasehold£175 +VAT
New Build£175
Help to Buy ISA£50
Help to Buy Scheme£50
Shared Ownership£150
Gifted Family Purchase Funding£100
3rd Party Purchase Funding£100
Declaration of Trust
Other DeedOn enquiry, based on £200 per hour
Obtaining Indemnity policy£25 per policy for self-issue
For bespoke, up to £100
Supplement for liaising with 3rd party firm£150
HMRC return to secure SDLT refund£50
Overseas purchasers’ ID and Money Laundering£650
Abortive Fee50% of quoted fee
SDLT return for purchaser(s) with interest in another property£75*
Completion of Stamp Duty Return£50
Surrender and re-grant of Lease where part of sale or purchaseOn enquiry, based on hourly rate of £200
Surrender and re-grant of Lease where not part of sale or purchaseOn enquiry, based on hourly rate of £200

*Subject to advice to refer to specialist accountant where appropriate