Price and service information

Conveyancing Price List 2024

Fixed Fees (ex VAT)

SALEFixed Fee (Ex-VAT)
Sale price up to £299,999£995
£300,000 – £499,999£1,100
£500,000 – £699,999£1,200
£700,000 – £999,999£1,300
£1,000,000 +0.175%
Purchase price up to £299,999£1,050
£300,000 – £499,999£1,150
£500,000 – £699,999£1,250
£700,000 – £999,999£1,350
£1,000,000 +0.2%
Transfer of Ownership & RemortgageFixed Fee (Ex-VAT)
Transfer of Ownership - Gift£900
Transfer of Ownership between Spouses/Civil Partners£650
Transfer of Ownership where Trust or Estate is administered by Thorne Segar£650

Extra Charges (ex VAT)

Leasehold Purchase£350
Leasehold Sale£285
New Build£350
Exchange & Completion Same Day£180
Help to Buy ISA£50
Help to Buy Scheme£50
Probate, Trust or Attorney Sale where Thorne Segar has not acted£590
Gifted Family Purchase Funding£200
3rd Party Purchase Funding£200
Additional regulatory/statutory compliance issueshourly rate
Declaration of Trusthourly rate
Completion of Deed of Covenant£60
Other deedhourly rate
Obtaining Indemnity Policy£36
Obtaining bespoke Indemnity Policy£135
Supplement for liaising with third party firmhourly rate
HMRC Return to secure SDLT refund£115
Abortive Fee50% of quoted fee
Completion of Stamp Duty Land Tax Return£115
Completion of notice of assignment of lease£60
Complex requisitions on Title raised by Land Registryhourly rate
Voluntary first registration£475

*Subject to advice to refer to specialist accountant where appropriate

Probate Pricing

To obtain a Grant of Probate (non-taxable Estate):

Work involved – We will have a meeting with you, advise you on your obligations as an Executor, notify all companies of the death, organise valuations of assets and liabilities, organise payment of funeral expenses, prepare a statement detailing the Estate value, prepare the inheritance tax return and Oath for Executors, have another meeting with you to sign the paperwork and swear the Oath.  We will send the application to the Probate Registry and obtain the Grant of Probate for you.  You can then administer the Estate yourself.  We can quote if you decide you would prefer us to carry on with the administration.

Typical price is a fixed fee of  £2,000 – £2,500 plus VAT however we will provide a bespoke quote tailored to you when we have our initial meeting and have looked through exactly what the particular Estate requires.

There is a Probate Court fee of £300 and an additional £1.50 for each sealed copy of the Grant that is required.


Obtain a Grant of Probate (taxable Estate):

The service would be the same however typically there are more assets involved and a full inheritance tax account is required which necessitates more work as every value must be accurate to comply with HMRC’s requirements.  We would also organise payment of the inheritance tax and calculate it.

A typical price would therefore start at £3,000 plus VAT but we would provide a bespoke quote tailored to each Estate’s individual requirements at our initial meeting as it is important to us that we achieve a price that we are all happy with. .


Administering the Estate (non-taxable):

Service is:  Initial meeting, go through deceased’s personal papers.  Advise you of your duties as an Executor.  Notify all companies of the death,  organise valuations of all assets and liabilities.  Organise payment of the funeral expenses.  Notify all beneficiaries of the gifts they have been left and identify them.   Keep the Beneficiaries updated throughout the Etate administration.   Organise insurance renewals.  Prepare a statement valuing the Estate.  Prepare the inheritance tax return and Oath for Executors.  Prepare forms to close or transfer the assets.  Have a meeting to go through all paperwork.  Obtain the Grant of Probate.

Register the Grant with the asset holders.  Organise closure or transfer of the assets. Pay all liabilities.  Pay any cash gifts.  Prepare a full set of Estate Accounts.  Assess whether any income tax or capital gains tax is payable.  Distribute and finalise the Estate.  Correspondence throughout.

Typical price – From £5,000 plus VAT

A taxable Estate will be more expensive and typical prices can range from £6,000 – £20,000 plus VAT.

A taxable Estate is more expensive as they often involve more assets, it is necessary to organise payment of the inheritance tax, calculate the inheritance tax, apply any exemptions and reliefs.  We also advise on capital gains tax as often investments are involved and we can mitigate any capital gains tax liability by using the Beneficiaries’ annual exemptions.

Please note where we are Executors we charge an additional fixed fee of £500 plus VAT.  We also charge a fixed fee of £300 plus VAT to register the death.