Probate & Administration
of Estate


We can relieve you of the stress and burden of ensuring your loved one’s last wishes are carried out.

Where there is a Will, Thorne Segar’s expert team will formulate a plan to resolve every aspect from notifying all involved parties, to gathering in assets and obtaining Grant of Probate, producing estate accounts and ensuring distribution of the estate.

If you wish to administer the Estate or distribute legacies yourself, Thorne Segar can identify any risks and help formulate a plan to ensure everything is done appropriately.

In the event of the absence of a Will we can help you apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration which, if granted, would allow you to handle the affairs of the deceased.


Fees are quoted in advance and are fixed – with no hidden extras

Thorne Segar’s Probate and
Administration of Estate Service

Thorne Segar’s lawyers and support staff have undergone CRUSE Bereavement Care training, and we approach every aspect of estate administration with the greatest sensitivity.

Thorne Segar holds the Law Society’s coveted Will Inheritance Quality Scheme accreditation and Rebecca Padgett is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.


How long does it take?

To obtain Grant of Probate typically takes two to three months.

To finalise the Administration of Estate can take from three to nine months or longer. Executors often wish to wait for the six month claim period to elapse before distributing the Estate.

Someone has just died – what do I do now?

The first job is to organise the funeral then register the death and use the Tell Us Once Service.

Inform the property insurers that the property is unoccupied as the insurers will impose strict requirements for you to comply with.

Gather together the deceased’s financial papers and make an appointment to see Rebecca Padgett who will do everything for you. Alternatively if you intend to administer the Estate yourself, notify all companies of the death and they will tell you if they require Probate. If so, look on-line for guidance as to how to make a personal application.

Can I start dealing with the deceased’s personal effects?

If there are any works of art or antiques, jewelry etc. it is advisable to obtain a professional valuation.

If the Estate is going to be subject to inheritance tax, obtain a professional valuation of all personal effects.

If the Estate is left to various beneficiaries then provided that you are all in agreement with who is having what, then the personal effects can be distributed. Are there any wishes in the Will about who has what? These wishes must be implemented.

Most disputes and tension we deal with concern personal effects and often someone thinks someone else has taken something without asking or has overstepped the mark with distributing or helping themselves to personal effects so we always obtain a valuation, ask who wants what, make sure it’s all agreed and then distribute the personal effects.

You do not need to wait for Probate, authority comes from the Will.

Can you administer the Estate yourself?

Do you need probate?
Are you an executor – what are your duties and responsibilities?
What do you have to do first? What are the risks of being an Executor?

Challenges of administering an Estate yourself:
Administering an Estate yourself can seem daunting – there is a lot of work involved in finalising a lifetime of paperwork, especially at a time of loss and stress. Many people prefer to leave it to a team of experienced professionals and absolve themselves of the work and possible personal risk.

There are lots of pitfalls with Estate administration – potential claims and personal liability, IHT penalties, lack of awareness of reliefs, exemptions and interaction of taxes – so there is a possibility of paying more tax than you need to.

If you are the Executor of an Estate you have a personal liability attached to your responsibility to administer the Estate correctly. Mixing the Estate’s money with your own, for example, is a breach of your duty as Executor.


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Thorne Segar’s Administration of Estate service is down to earth, caring and helpful.

We realise the importance of dealing with the Estate as quickly as possible.

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David Simpson
David Simpson
Liam Wolley dealt with the sale of my mother’s property, following her move into a retirement home, efficiently with great care and sensitivity. Would happily recommend Thorne Segar’s conveyancing service to others.
rod dover
rod dover
Thank you very much for an efficient service. Job done and thank you very much to all concerned.
Tracy Lynch
Tracy Lynch
Very helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Richard Allen
Richard Allen
My wife and I received a truly first class service in engaging Thorne Segar, in the persons of Iestyn Milton-Jenkins and Tina, to set up Power of Attorney for us. We really felt that they had our best interest at heart and valued us. Now that all has been arranged we have every confidence in their sincerity and professionalism, and are meeting them soon to arrange the updating of our will.
Ali Sanderson
Ali Sanderson
I highly recommend Thorne Segar. Solicitors and office staff alike have been extremely helpful through a difficult time, explaining everything that we needed to know clearly, with kindness, understanding and efficiency.
Nigel Coates
Nigel Coates
Liam Wolley at Thorne Segar handled two recent property purchases for us. The best service ever in 50 years of such transactions. Wholly professional, tenacious, responsive and helpful. Exemplary.
Mark Terrett
Mark Terrett
Requirements and options well explained in layman's terms ,easy to understand. Listened to what we wanted to achieve and responded in a timely and professional manner at all times. We would not hesitate in using this company again.
Peter Tallack
Peter Tallack
Our first dealings with Thorne Segar were after a close family friend had nominated us as his POA and executor for his estate shortly after his wife had passed away. In the following twelve months we had to make just about every decision a POA and executor dreads having to make. Throughout this process Thorne Segar were excellent, we cannot sing their praises enough, from our first dealings with Lestyn drawing up the POA who explained this process thoroughly and in plain English (with a slight Welsh accent) to his PA Tina who was always available to help and form a good line of communication with Lestyn. After the sad but inevitable ending to a long and happy life, Thorne Segar were there again to help guide and advise. Rebecca then took the reins to deal with the probate and Paul dealt with the conveyancing aspects of the house sale. This process for various reasons was not straight forward, but all the complications were dealt with without fuss or undue delay for which we are most grateful. I hope the best compliment we can make of Thorne Segar is that although we are not local, we intend to ask Thorne Segar to put our family POA's in place.
David Archer
David Archer
The service provided by Thorne Segar in connection with the sale of a property has been excellent. The communication has been very good and clear which made the whole process so much easier. I would certainly recommend Thorne Segar’s services to others.
Duncan Brown
Duncan Brown
Listened carefully to what we wished to achieve with our final wishes. Explained any points we didn't understand/grasp, in some cases explaining several times until we fully understood the legal terms and their implications. Very happy with the outcome and the professional and friendly way we were dealt with. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending Thorne Segar to anyone needing the services they provide.


Probate Consultancy

We can answer any question you may have if you are administering an Estate yourself – free initial telephone consultation to understand your requirements.

Obtaining a Grant of Probate/Grant of Letters of Administration

Typically £1,800 – £2,100+VAT

We can obtain a Grant of Probate for you (which is often the most complicated part of the Estate administration process) and you can then organise closure of the accounts yourself and distribute the Estate. This has the advantage of ensuring the tax return and Court application is completed correctly, you can pick our brains with any queries you may have and it saves you the expense of the full Estate administration service. This service is most suitable for an Estate where there are only 1 or 2 Beneficiaries.

If you would like us to obtain the Grant of Probate for you, all you need to do is let us have all of the deceased’s paperwork, we will go through it, notify the companies of the death, check the Will is valid and there are no issues, obtain valuations of all assets and liabilities and complete the inheritance tax return and on-line Court application.

Our price includes all meetings, calls and correspondence with you.

Complete Administration of Estate service

A simple Estate starts at £4,200+VAT

We can carry out the full Estate administration for you. The advantage of this for you is that you won’t have to do very much at all apart from making decisions with guidance and support from us and we’ll take care of everything else.

Our service includes checking the Will to ensure it is valid and there are no issues, notifying all companies of the death, organising valuations of all assets, notifying all Beneficiaries of their inheritance, completing the Inheritance Tax Return and on-line Probate application, obtaining the Grant of Probate, registering the Grant with all companies and organising closure or transfer of all accounts to the Beneficiaries. We will assess the Estate for any potential Capital Gains Tax and advise regarding ways to mitigate this. We will also produce a set of Estate Accounts, ensure that the administration period income tax affairs are dealt with and distribute the Estate in accordance with the terms of the Will or Intestacy Rules.

A simple Estate often includes a property and some bank accounts and or Premium Bonds and has 1 or 2 Beneficiaries. A complex Estate includes more assets, such as investments, has cash gifts to pay, multiple Beneficiaries (which could include Charities) and could be liable to Inheritance Tax. There could also be tension between Beneficiaries and/or Executors which requires our input.

Large or complex Estates

Charged on a fixed fee basis which can range from £6,000 – £20,000 plus VAT

Alternatively, you may prefer us to charge on the basis of our hourly rates and prices could range from £6,000 – £20,000+VAT depending on the level of complexity.

The benefit for you of asking us to carry out the Estate administration is that it is a large amount of work you will be relieved of, and, you will have the peace of mind that it will be administered correctly and we will take responsibility for it.

The service offered for a large or complex Estate is the same as for a simple Estate however the volume of work (letters, forms etc.) is increased, the legal issues are often more technical with greater risk attached and we will also organise payment of any inheritance tax and liaise with HMRC if they raise any enquiries regarding the Inheritance Tax Account. We will also liaise with all Beneficiaries and be their point of contact.

Please note that if a transfer of ownership or sale of a property is required this will be quoted for separately as it is not included in the above fees.

Fees are quoted in advance and are fixed – with no hidden extras