Many people don’t realise there is no regulation surrounding the drafting of a Will, and that anybody can be an advisor. But if they are unregulated, untrained (not to mention uninsured), your Will may not be legally watertight, which could lead to lengthy disputes for your beneficiaries.

Thorne Segar solicitors in Minehead have recently been accredited by the national Law Society’s Will and Inheritance Scheme (WIQS) which means they comply with the highest possible legal standards concerning Wills and probate.

In order to achieve this accolade, Thorne Segar have been rigorously assessed to demonstrate they have strict protocols in place, and can advise on issues such as inheritance tax and trust issues.

If you are thinking of making a Will it makes sense to go the experts to ensure your last wishes are carried out, and your loved ones aren’t burdened with unnecessary legal problems in the process.